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If you are a Telluride (TASP, TASS, Branch) or DS associate, an Arete summer seminar alumna, or current student at the University of Michigan or Cornell University, you should consider applying to become a factotum at one of our summer programs.   

Helping to create a program for the next class of TASPers is a deeply rewarding way to spend a summer.  The work is varied and often fun:  joining in debate around the lunch table, sharing insights with the faculty about the seminar, helping a student with a paper, building consensus at a House meeting, organizing a day trip, and so on.  We hope this page will give you some idea of the responsibilities of working as a factotum, and we encourage you to contact us for further information.

Each of the seminars runs for six weeks—from Tuesday, June 26, through Wednesday, August 6, 2016—and has 16 participants.  We will hire two factota for each program site.  Their tasks include assisting the faculty, planning cultural excursions and guest lectures, bookkeeping, and ensuring that the social life of the program runs smoothly.  In order to perform these functions, the student leaders must communicate effectively with the participants, the faculty, Telluride Association, and representatives from the host campus.  Additional duties include ordering books and corresponding with faculty and participants in the spring and assisting with the evaluation of former participants for acceptance to Telluride Branches in the subsequent fall.  Telluride will pay for reasonable travel expenses to and from the program site.  We will also cover the cost of attending a factotum training workshop, which will be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan in the spring, as well as travel expenses for the annual Telluride Convention in Ithaca, New York  (June 9-12, 2016), should you wish to attend.

In 2016, we anticipate organizing four TASPs.  There will be two seminars at Cornell and two at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  At Cornell and Michigan, the factotums will be assisted, part-time, by program assistants, who will be selected later in the year.  Factotums, as their Latin name suggests, “do everything.”  They will be required to spend an additional week at the TASP site, arriving at least six days early and staying at least one day after its completion.  The salary for the position will be $4,575. 

If you are interested in submitting an application, you must contact the Telluride Office and request a TASP manual, since we expect applicants to be familiar with its contents.  You may apply to both TASP and TASS, but you must rank them in order of preference; your ranking will not diminish your chance for acceptance to your second-choice program.  Applications must be received by the Telluride Association Office in Ithaca no later than October 15, 2015.  After we review the applications, we will arrange for a group of factotum finalists to travel for an interview in mid November.  The finalists will be notified of our decisions shortly thereafter and should be prepared to make a commitment at that time.

If you have questions about the positions or the programs, please feel free to contact us.

2016 Factotum Application Details

Eligibility for positions
  • CBTA, MBTA, or Deep Springs associate
  • Former TASS or TASP participant
  • Current students at co-host institutions: Cornell University or the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • Arete Seminar alumnae
Note: The summer program committees usually extend preference to applicants who will have completed their second year of college by the beginning of the program. If you have questions about your eligibility to apply at this time or if you would like to receive an application by mail, please contact the Administrative Director at (607) 273-5011 or ellen.baer@tellurideassociation.org.

Program descriptions
Program descriptions for upcoming summer programs are generally not finalized until September or October. Please check here for details as they become available.

Application requirements
If you're interested in being a factotum, please download the appropriate forms below and return them by October 15, 2015.  They contain an application form, recommendation form, and if available, information about program locations.  Please request a factotum manual by emailing ellen.baer@tellurideassociation.org.   
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