Our Members

Our Members

Telluride Association has an all-volunteer board of directors, or “members,” usually numbering between 70 and 100. Telluride members manage the Association’s programs and endowment, and they direct its future. Members are elected to the board after demonstrating their potential for leadership and public service. Most members are alumni of our programs, or in a few cases alumni of our sister institution Deep Springs College, a two-year college founded by L.L. Nunn in 1917, and are typically students or early-career professionals.

Membership is intended to be an educational program in its own right (indeed, our most challenging and enduring one), and members are said to be pursuing a course of education while on the board. That education involves service on one or more committees that plan and oversee TA’s operations during the year, as well as participating in our annual four-day Convention each summer, at which we make all major budgetary and programmatic decisions collectively and democratically.

Current Officers of Telluride Association

President: Morgan Whittler

Vice President: Cory Myers

Secretary: Angela Crumdy

Current Members & Directors of Telluride Association

Hammad Ahmed
Asia Alman
Lisa Bao
Michael Barany
Desiree Barron-Callaci
Michael Becker
Puneet Brar
Joaquin Brito Jr.
Co’Relous Bryant
Michael Byars
Cengiz Cemaloglu
Krystal Chindori-Chininga
Albert Chu
Asia Cleggett
Kedarious Colbert
Rachel Connolly
Arielle Copeland
Marianna Coulentianos
Angela Crumdy
Maia Dedrick
Jacob Denz
Jessica Dozier
Jessica Dragonetti
Lynn Eckert
Kit Eginton
Maximilian Eisenburger
Ryan Erickson
Chisara Ezie-Boncoeur
Jessica Falcone
Mira Fishman
Theodore Foster
Joseph Fridman
Amanda Friedman
Breanna Fritz
Celene Gayle
Carlos Gemora
Kelly Goodman
Isabella Grabski
Saarthak Gupta
Tamir Haddad
Elston He
Conor Hodges
Paul Katz
Stephanie Kelly
Melissa Kil
Shohini Kundu
Allison LaFave
Michael Leger
Uku Lember
Averill Leslie
Christopher Levesque
Mary Liu
Deya Luna
Omisha Manglani
Mikovhe Maphiri
Aixa Marchand
James May
Julia Menzel
Michael Migiel-Schwartz
Cory Myers
Ryan Nefdt
Amel Omari
Chinelo Onyilofor
Christopher Opila
AdePeju Oshodi
Sohum Pal
Sumeet Patwardhan
Govind Persad
Karl Pops
Adler Prioly
William (Ben) Rogers
Noah Rosenblum
Samir Salih
Amy Saltzman
Caden Salvata
Celina Scott-Buechler
Elliot Setzer
Puneet Singh
Amalia Skilton
Emma Slager
Bryden Sweeney-Taylor
Michael Thornton
Marina Tinone
Andrew Torres
Joy Wang
Yuxi (Candice) Wang
Morgan Whittler
Carter (Zoeey) Wilkinson
Zakiya Williams Wells
Olivia Wood
Peiyu Yu
Jeremy Zaborowski
Grace Zhang
Lian Zhu