50 Years Ago in the Telluride Newsletter

12 Feb 50 Years Ago in the Telluride Newsletter

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84

Reading old Telluride Newsletters often affords interesting perspectives on commonalities—and differences—with the Telluride of today.  The March 1969 issue is no different!

Here are a few highlights. We invite you to click on the link and take a walk back in Telluride history.  (And feel free to explore other issues in Telluride’s online Newsletter library).

March 1969 Newsletter

  • “New Funds Committee Sets Goal to Support Deep Springs, Hampton Field TASPs”
  • “Effort to Recruit Disadvantaged Up(ward Bound) Summer Program Participants”
  • “Theater Group Challenges Director Davidson”
  • “DS Trustees Lift Smoking Ban, Name Randall Reid Dean”

Other interesting tidbits include:

  • pictures of the Telluride Bible Reading Society at CBTA,
  • news of the inaugural meeting of the Finger Lakes Group of the Sierra Club held in CBTA’s Striped Room (with several branchmembers and staff becoming charter members)
  • A stirring account of the installation of the iconic Fire Escape at CBTA
  • Several amusing snippets of Berkeley Branch life, including profiles of new members
  • “Perspectives in History,” featuring Newsletter excerpts from 1940 and 1942
  • Lots of alumni notes from names that may be familiar to many.


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