Deep Springs College Online Digital Archive, a Great Nunnian Resource

23 May Deep Springs College Online Digital Archive, a Great Nunnian Resource

This week’s blog features Deep Springs College’s online digital collection of nearly 1,000 photos relating to the College. Many photographs feature Telluride alumni as well, of course, reflecting the (variously) close ties between the two Nunnian institutions over their more than 100 years of shared history.

Online visitors can expect to find a wide variety of interesting items in this growing collection, including:

–oral history transcripts with early Telluride and Deep Springs participants, “pinheads,” etc
–photos of Deep Springs’ evolving physical plant at various stages of construction
–farm and ranch life
–adventures in the Valley and on camping trips, excursions, etc.
–student body photos, class sessions and artistic performances, faculty and families, etc.
–miscellanea: legendary dairy cows; Deep Springs dogs; the endangered Deep Springs Toad (bufo exsul); petroglyphs; floods; and more…

The archive is a great resource and many thanks are due to the team that has put it together and adds to to regularly.

Please visit the archive here.

This vintage movie reel recently washed up in Telluride’s archives. What will it reveal?

LL Nunn and colleagues inspect the site of the future Deep Springs College

Don Noel DS49 CB52 TA51 presents a public speech at Deep Springs, circa 1950.

Lower Reservoir at Deep Springs, 2017



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