New Semester, New Michigan Branch

06 Sep New Semester, New Michigan Branch

by Puneet Singh MB16 TA17

This Labor Day weekend, MBTA began its yearly operations welcoming 23 students and 3 faculty guests. Eleven of the students are new, while 12 of them are returning to the house from last year. Three of the current housemembers are summer program alums.

There are 13 graduate students and 10 undergraduates.

Faculty guests are Kelli Wood (a postdoc fellow in art history), Joo Young Lee (postdoc diversity fellow in American Culture), and Irina Khutsieva (visiting professor of theater from Russia).

The Michigan Branch also welcomes new staff this year with Maria Brummel as the Michigan Program Manager, Claude Jeffrey as the head Chef, and Wes as the Kitchen Assistant.

Plans that are underway after orientation: spend some time together making door decorations, working on drafting a statement of collective purpose, and designing a new service project.

Housemembers making Door Decorations

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