Ridley Jones SP05 MB06 TA08 shares her poetry

17 May Ridley Jones SP05 MB06 TA08 shares her poetry

by Ridley Jones SP05 MB06 TA08


Seattle Freeze

Beneath the sky’s furrowed brow

Furtive rivulets of we disappear

And the mountains lay down

Their daily burden



Autumn Song

Slide with me, world, dark and gentle
Fall through me, time, swift and lovely

In dying days I lift my eyes, I fill them up
With warm senescent gold

Cherished footsteps of summer, growing fainter
I cannot hold you here

How long does the memory of sun
Persist in the brain?
Not as long as in your multifarious earth
     Cool and still to me
     Hot and teeming within
Store the light against that dark day
When even you are trapped in snow, alone
     But waiting



Trees are just starting to turn

Gold- and crimson-cheeked

From the sexy-soft whispered

Flirtations of death




Bright lights,

Castles of desire,

Rocking tides of sweetness,

Birds that know you when they see you,

Skies your soul can touch when it hears the sound and unfurls,

The urbane fragrance of autumn and the intimate fragrance of damp earth,

Dark leaves painting the foreground of the sunset with their fine dewy motile brush,

All rushes in in the agony, the awful crack of dislocation from the static cohesion of SELF, things going through me and filling me because I’m not even here to impede them.

Where am I?

Maybe I am everywhere, or a semipermeable membrane, or a filter that is often clogged.


Ridley is a Ph.D. student in human-centered design and engineering. She lives in Seattle with her enormous cat, Cutieus Maximus.

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