For Telluride Association, Development Has Always Been Personal

03 Jan For Telluride Association, Development Has Always Been Personal

by Amy Bao

For all of us fortunate enough to have experienced a Nunnian education in some way, shape, or form, we know it is much more than a scholarship or summer program. At its core, it is about the people we meet and the friendships we forge, and together, how we carry out the values and visions that Telluride was built upon.

As such, a large part of what the Development Committee is tasked with is to maintain and build these bonds between Telluride alumni – across generations, across regions, across professions. Drop in at any of our alumni events and one would find complete strangers from all walks of life reminiscing about their Telluride experiences like old friends, questioning each other on what life at CBTA was like way back when, or what new programs were initiated in recent years.

We are a large, unique, and diverse community, and if you are reading this, it’s probably because you are a part of this community too. Hopefully, you’ve had the opportunity to join us for a dinner, drinks, or event in recent years, but if not, please get back in touch. If you would be willing to help organize an alumni event in your local area, let us know! If you have ideas about how to engage the larger Telluride family in whatever fun, creative, formal or informal ways, we’d love to hear about that as well. Shoot us an email at

And of course, another major part of Dev Com revolves around fundraising. Keeping our programs free has allowed Telluride to reach countless underserved students, and you can help by donating here.

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