You Never Know Who You’ll Meet…

29 Aug You Never Know Who You’ll Meet…

by Matthew Trail SP81 CB82 TA84

Many roads lead to Telluride, including this freshly paved one.

Preparing the logistics for Telluride’s summer programs entails a lot of different tasks, from creating contracts to ordering books and…buying extra sheets. Telluride’s Administrative Director Ellen Baer was in the Ithaca Target this June buying extra sheets to have on hand. The clerk at the checkout register noted the large quantity of sheets and wondered what they were for. Ellen explained they were for a summer program. “What, kids don’t supply their own sheets anymore?” the clerk asked jokingly. “What summer program is this?” Ellen explained about TASS and TASP, and the clerk laughed. It turns out he was Tom Flood SP67 BB68 DS69 and was very familiar with Telluride summer programs! Tom is retired and spending the summer in Ithaca, and hopes to swing by the TA office and say hello in earnest soon.

What are your meeting Telluriders-in-odd-places stories??

  • Jess Dozier
    Posted at 20:14h, 29 August

    Love this! Last year, I met a fellow former TASSer at my orientation for graduate school in Atlanta. We were at a networking event explaining what we had done in our year prior to starting grad studies. I told about my experience being a factotum immediately after college. Turns out we both participated in the program the same summer nearly a decade prior…me at the University of Michigan and her at Indiana University!

  • trail
    Posted at 08:50h, 30 August

    Love this too, Jess! Thanks for sharing.