TASS & TASP Application Cycle Opens!

02 Nov TASS & TASP Application Cycle Opens!

The application cycle for the 2020 summer programs (TASS and TASP) is now open!

Read about our programs, and next summer’s seminar choices, in our brochures for TASS and TASP.

If you’re an educator, coach, mentor, or counselor, and you know a promising high-school sophomore or junior, we welcome your nominations! (Applicants do not need to have been nominated to apply; rather, nominations help us reach students who otherwise might not have heard about us.)

Finally, application forms are now available for both TASS and TASP. We strongly prefer applications via our online portal, but encourage you to download the application forms to help you prepare your essays and gather other required information before submission. Applications will be due on 6 January 2020 for TASS, and 13 January 2020 for TASP.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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