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Apply to MBTA

Apply to MBTA

The application to Telluride House consists of several essays and an interview (in person when circumstances allow). We also encourage applicants to contact our Recruitment Committee about House events they would like to attend to get a sense for House life.

Although the essays require at least as much thought and effort as many university admission applications, they do allow candidates to show what they have to offer in their own terms. The House has accepted members as much for their artistic portfolios and scientific research as for their essays and interviews.

Applicants must be enrolled as full-time University of Michigan students while in the House. Applications from current U-M students are considered in the autumn; applications from incoming freshmen and transfers are considered in the spring. All selected students join the House in the fall of the following academic year.

The application period for Michigan Branch Telluride Association (MBTA) is currently open for the 2017 Spring Application cycle.

Spring 2017 Application Deadline:
Sunday, February 19th @ 4:00 PM


Note: Only current U-M students should apply in the Fall Application Cycle (due in October). Incoming University of Michigan students (including transfer students) should apply in the Spring Application Cycle.


Inquiries should be directed to For more information about the Michigan Branch, please visit or download our brochure.