Michigan Branch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here, you can find answers to questions we commonly encounter. This page will be updated periodically during the application cycle.

Where can I find out more about Telluride House?

Please visit the House’s own website, www.telluride-house.com, where you can find a host of additional details, including more of an insider’s sense of day to day living in the House.  To schedule a tour or to ask specific questions, contact our Ann Arbor Office at 734-668-6039 or mpm@tellurideassociation.org.

What does the Telluride House scholarship include?

All students living in Telluride House have full room and board scholarships.

What are the terms of the scholarship?

Housemembers must maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 or more, attend 80% or more of the mandatory House events (one or two per week), and complete the community service requirements stipulated by the House (currently set at 2-3 hours per week). Additionally, each housemember presents a PubSpeak, and is expected to serve on one of the House’s operational committees or become one of the House’s elected officers. Each year housemembers also participate in the selection process for the Telluride Association Sophomore Seminar and Telluride Association Summer Program.

How many people live in Telluride House?

The House can room up to about 30 students. Historically, numbers have held in the mid-20s, and rarely go above 28.

Are members able to take a semester off for study abroad or other activities?

Yes! House members are encouraged to pursue other opportunities. The process is called “rustication,” and allows for members to take time away from living in the Branch, usually returning after a semester or a year (no more than two).

How are scholarship recipients selected?

Please see here for application forms.

Each candidate’s application is read by 5-6 housemembers. Following a House-wide meeting, a short list of finalists is selected for interview.

In this second stage of the process, small groups of housemembers conduct one-hour interviews with each candidate. Another House-wide meeting is then held, this time including representatives from Telluride Association, to make final selections.

The entire process takes 4 weeks.

How is MBTA related to Telluride Association?

Telluride House is a program of Telluride Association, a national nonprofit educational organization.  Michigan Branch, with its emphasis on the yearly service project, is one of the most fruitful places in Telluride Association for exploring the interrelation of service, self-government, and intellectual inquiry.

Telluride Association keeps in touch with MBTA throughout the year via the Michigan Branch Committee (MBC). MBC members visit the House several times a year for the purposes of orientation, selecting new members, and evaluating the success of the Branch. MBC is also available throughout the year for consultation, and works with the House to resolve special circumstances.

Various other Telluride committees occasionally hold their meetings at the House, visits that often turn into opportunities for further MBTA/TA exchange.

Housemembers are also encouraged to join Telluride Association. Many do so upon graduation, though it also is not uncommon for housemembers to join before then.

What are the differences between Michigan Branch and Cornell Branch?

This would be the subject of substantial debate (not to mention good-natured rivalry!) among various Branch and Association members. Formally, one of the major differences is MBTA’s project focus. Because of the time commitment involved in that, a number of tasks that CBTA carries out directly—including supervision of House employees—are the responsibility of the staff in the Ann Arbor Office.