Nominate Summer Program Applicants

Nominate Summer Program Applicants

Every fall, we welcome nominations for the Telluride Association Summer Seminar (TASS). We seek nominations for high school sophomores and juniors (“rising juniors” and “rising seniors”), who will be invited to apply to our free, six-week summer seminar.

Nominations are not required, and have no bearing on an applicant’s chances. However, we encourage nominations because they allow us to reach students who otherwise might not hear about our programs. We welcome nominations from school counselors, teachers, community members, mentors, family members, and Telluride Associates. We also welcome self-nominations from students.

If you miss the nomination window, don’t worry! We encourage you to direct your students to our website, where they can learn more about the program. All our materials are available online, so students should not be prevented from applying just because they did not receive materials from us. Whether a student was nominated or not has no bearing on their chances in the review process, so please do encourage your most promising students to apply.

We appreciate your work in helping us identify students for our programs. Every year we receive far more excellent applications than we have available spots: if your students are not accepted, we hope that you will nevertheless continue to nominate outstanding applicants in the future.

You can learn more about the TASS program at