FAQ for Parents

FAQ for Parents

Where will the interview be conducted?

This year, we will conduct all interviews virtually, either over the internet or over the phone. If technology access is a barrier for your child, it will be important to let us know and we will work with you to make alternative arrangements.

How much supervision is there? With whom will my child be living? Will my child be safe at TASS?

Summer staff members will be on hand at all times to make the program run as smoothly as possible and to supervise the participants. Students live in a house with fellow students and program staff. Normal safety precautions are observed, including traveling in groups and locking the house at night.

What are the program costs? How much money will my child need to bring to the program?

TASS is free to all participants. There are no fees for applications, books, or tuition. All meals are provided.

Students are responsible for the costs of getting to and from the program site. If the cost of travel is a problem, students can apply for assistance in paying for travel, and we can also offer financial aid to replace earnings from summer employment.

Some students bring a small amount of pocket money for souvenirs, haircuts, coffee shop visits, or other discretionary expenses. However, it is not necessary to bring any money to the program.

Can my child leave for a weekend?

Barring extenuating circumstances, we expect students to attend the full six weeks of the program.

Can I visit for a weekend?

We encourage students to stay in contact with their families during the summer. However, because of the busy schedule at TASS, visits must be planned with the summer staff and approved by them in advance.

Does my child need to buy a laptop?

Many students bring laptops to the program, but it is not necessary to do so. Each site has computing facilities for research and writing essays. We may also be able to help provide your child with a laptop for the summer.

Can I proofread my child’s essays?

Your child should feel free to discuss essay ideas with you, but the writing must be entirely your child’s own. Please do not edit or reword your child’s writing.

What are the eligibility rules for TASS?

To apply to TASS, you must be a current high school sophomore (or equivalent) or a current high school junior (or equivalent). There are no other requirements, and there are no exceptions. If your child is in a program that does not follow the typical U.S. high school grade system and calendar and you are unsure of their eligibility, please contact tass-queries@tellurideassociation.org. As a guideline, TASS applicants generally have one or two full years of secondary school remaining at the time of the application deadline.

What are Telluride's plans for addressing COVID?

Telluride is committed to fostering a safe environment and following COVID-19 health and safety protocols in accordance with guidance from the CDC and our host institutions. Because of the evolving nature of this pandemic, it is not possible for us at this time to predict what measures will need to be in place at the time of the summer. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will announce any requirements and protocols closer to the summer.