Apply to TASS

Deadline: January 5, 2022

Applying to TASS

You do not need any academic experience with the topic of your TASS program, and we do not expect you to have any.

We do not consider test scores and high school grades important for the TASS application process. Instead, the most important part of the application for us is the essays. The TASS application essays give applicants a chance to show us their personalities and demonstrate their thoughtfulness, critical thinking, curiosity, and interest in social and political issues. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the essays. 

We evaluate all TASS applicants in light of their circumstances. You do not need to have attended any specific type of school, or taken advanced or college classes, to be accepted or succeed at TASS. 

Because TASS is an experience in community living, we try to select students who are concerned for the well-being of others and who are flexible enough to enjoy the challenge of interacting with people from very different perspectives and experiences.

Applications are due on January 5, 2022. Selected candidates are interviewed in March or April by Telluride Association board members and program alums. If you are selected for an interview, you will need to request a transcript and letter of recommendation immediately after you hear from Telluride Association about your interview. You will also be asked to submit an additional essay you wrote for school. We wiIl provide more instructions about this process to you directly. Final selection of TASS participants and alternates will be based on interviews and written applications. Our final decisions will be announced in early May. The 2022 seminars will be held from June 26 to August 6, 2022.

Application Form

Applications for the 2022 programs are available here.

A Note on Nominations

Every year, we rely on teachers, counselors, coaches, and friends to nominate students. Nominators are a way for us to reach applicants who may never have heard of our programs. Nominations are not part of your application, and you don’t need to have been nominated to apply. 

If you are a teacher/counselor/coach/mentor and want to nominate a student, please click here.

To request more information, please contact us.

Telluride Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical disability.

Applicants who plagiarize all or part of their application will not be considered for admission to the program and will have their applications returned to them. Telluride Association and its officers may also, at its own discretion, contact the staff of these students’ respective schools in order to notify them of any instance of plagiarism.

Telluride Association occasionally shares applicants’ names and addresses with our partner institutions for the purpose of informing them of scholarship and other opportunities.

It is the policy of Telluride Association not to grant any special consideration, positive or negative, to students who apply to summer programs when those students have a parent or sibling who has participated in or been employed by a TA program. Immediate family members of current TASS faculty are ineligible to apply.