High School Educators

High School Educators

Here, you can find answers to questions we commonly encounter. This page will be updated periodically during the application cycle.

If you have any questions not answered here, please contact us.

How do I nominate students?

We welcome your nominations of students in their sophomore and junior year of high school who would thrive in an academic community. Nominations are submitted online. If you have trouble with the online form, please contact us.

The nomination cycle for the 2022 TASS seminars is open. Please use this form to submit the names and email addresses of your nominees.

If you have trouble using the form, please write to nominations@tellurideassociation.org.

If you miss the nomination window, don’t worry! We encourage you to direct your students to our website, where they can find digital copies of the information brochures and application form. All our materials are available online, so students should not be prevented from applying just because they did not receive printed materials from us. Whether a student was nominated or not has no bearing on their chances in the review process, so please do encourage your students to apply.

For more information, please contact us.

Do I need to receive a nomination form to be eligible to nominate students? Can I be added to the list of nominators?

Anyone may nominate students for TASS. We send annual letters to teachers and counselors who have nominated students in the past or who have requested to be on our nomination mailing list. Please email telluride@tellurideassociation.org if you would like to be added to this list.

Can I nominate students who are not in my classes?


What do I do if I missed the nomination deadline?

If you missed the current year’s nomination deadline, you may still send nominations to the Telluride office, but we cannot guarantee that your students will be included in our nominee mailings. Students do not need to be nominated to apply, and we encourage you to direct them to the TASS-AOS and TASS-CBS sections of our site for electronic copies of our brochure and application.

What kinds of help can I give students with their essays?

As a guideline, most forms of help you would give a student on an ordinary writing assignment are appropriate for the TASS application. In particular, you may discuss with them their ideas and essay structure or help them with conventions for referencing other works. All writing and editing, however, should be the student’s own.

Do I need to write a letter of recommendation when I nominate students?

We do not require a letter of recommendation for students until they are selected for an interview. Fewer than one in five applicants receive an interview, so we do not suggest that you write letters for your students unless they request them from you after having reached that stage of our application process. It is not required that students receive letters from the same person who nominated them. Students will receive specific instructions to give to letter writers when they are notified of their interview status.

What are the eligibility rules for TASS?

To apply to TASS you must be a current high school sophomore (or equivalent) or a current high school junior (or equivalent). There are no other requirements, and there are no exceptions. If your student is in a program that does not follow the typical U.S. high school grade system and calendar and you are unsure of their eligibility, please contact tass-queries@tellurideassociation.org. As a guideline, TASS applicants generally have at least two full years of secondary school remaining before entering University at the time of the application deadline, and at least one full year remaining.