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05 Oct 2024 TASS Nominations Open

From now through December 1, 2023, Telluride Association is accepting nominations for the Telluride Association Summer Seminar (TASS). We seek nominations for high school sophomores and juniors ("rising juniors" and "rising seniors"), who will be invited to apply to our free, six-week seminar in Summer...

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15 Nov Past Summer Programs

Has Telluride Ever Hosted Summer Programs at Stanford University? Yes! Telluride has sponsored TASPs at 15 different sites since 1954, and TASS at 3. Here’s the list: TASP: Cornell: 1954 – Deep Springs College: 1957-60, 1969-73, 1978-90 Stanford: 1961-62 Princeton: 1963-66 Hampton University: 1966-70 Cremona Field TASP:...

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