Will my time zone affect my ability to participate in TAOS?

While most of our students live in the contiguous United States, TAOS is lucky to have participants from around the world. TAOS seminars are tentatively scheduled for weekday afternoons to accommodate students in the United States. However, faculty may choose to change the timing of their respective seminars to better accommodate students’ time zones. In cases where that is not possible, TAOS will share recordings of the live seminar sessions. 

Can I participate in another program while enrolled in TAOS?

In typical years, TASSers and TASPers are not allowed to participate in other programs. That is largely true for TAOS, as well. TAOS is less of a time commitment than TASS or TASP. However, we want students to engage to the best of their ability and prioritize their mental and physical well-being during this challenging time. We also recognize that there are fewer summer opportunities available this year than in past years. With that in mind, we discourage students from taking two spots in programs that are still running.

What technology will I need to participate in TAOS?

TAOS will be a virtual program. Each seminar will meet for 1-2 hours 3-4 days a week. For these live sessions, students will need the following: a laptop, tablet, or desktop computer with a built-in camera or webcam accessory; reliable access to high-speed internet or a 4G broadband data plan; and headphones to participate in video calls. The Telluride Association is committed to ensuring that technology is not a barrier to students’ participation in TAOS. Thus, we will help ensure you have everything you need to participate in the program.