TAOS Rules of Conduct

TAOS Rules of Conduct

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Rules for “TAOSers”

The following rules and regulations apply to students’ program behavior for the duration of TAOS. Students will be held accountable for information disclosed from student to factotums/faculty, use of TAOS supplied resources, and other incidents directly concerning TAOS students, faculty or staff. These rules and regulations are strictly enforced. Summer program participants found in violation of them will be disciplined and may be removed from the TAOS.

  • Students must abide by all applicable federal, state, and city laws. 
  • Students must abide by the Code of Conduct of the university that hosts their program. 
  • Students may not engage in activities that will endanger their health and welfare, or the health and welfare of others. 
  • Students are expected to treat their fellow summer program participants, as well as the employees and associates of Telluride Association, with consideration and respect.


The materials that students submitted in their applications to TASS and TASP (including but not limited to biographical information, essays, letter(s) of recommendation, transcript(s), medical report(s)) are considered confidential. These materials may be seen only by: 1) the trustees, associates, and office employees of Telluride Association who administer TAOS and other Telluride Association scholarship programs; and 2) the TAOS faculty and factotums. Telluride Association does not release the applications to anyone else. 

Likewise, all evaluations of TAOSs, TAOS applicants, and TAOS participants are considered confidential. These evaluations are strictly for internal use and may be seen only by the trustees, associates, and employees of Telluride Association who administer Telluride Association scholarship programs. At its discretion, TAOS Committee may choose to release part or all of evaluation reports to other people who may benefit from seeing them, such as TAOS faculty and factotums. Factotums and faculty should scrupulously refrain from discussing the contents of these evaluations with TAOS students. In particular, TAOS may demonstrate considerable anxiety about the prospect of being evaluated on their summer program performance. When in the presence of TAOSers, factotums and faculty should take care not to mention the existence of such evaluations. 

Sometimes TAOS participants lose or fail to keep copies of their TASS or TASP applications. They may request that the Telluride Association provide them with a copy of the materials that they have submitted in their applications (but not any confidential evaluations included in the application, such as confidential letters of recommendation). 

Successful completion of the program 

While grades and formal evaluations will not be given to TAOSers, students are expected to uphold the program’s rules and the agreement they signed to accept the TAOS scholarship. If, in the judgment of the Telluride Association, a student violates the terms of this agreement and is asked to leave the program before its end, they will not be regarded as having completed the program successfully. They will be removed from the list of Associates and barred from referencing the Telluride Association in their applications to jobs or colleges or otherwise claiming to have completed the program. 

Mid-program review 

By the end of Week 1, the factotums will have met briefly with each TAOSer one-on-one to talk about the program thus far. These meetings serve two purposes. First, they give the TAOSer a chance to air privately how the program is going; they may mention concerns they haven’t been comfortable raising with the professors or in housemeetings. Second, they let the factotums raise any concerns they may have about the TAOSer’s participation in the program thus far.