Cornell TASS 2022

Community. Learning. Democracy.

Telluride Association creates free educational programs that challenge young people to build community, learn together, and make democratic decisions in order to think critically about the world and begin to create a more just society.

For High School Students

Free summer programs in Critical Black Studies and Anti-Oppressive Studies offer sophomores and juniors the opportunity to encounter new ideas and meet peers who are excited about learning.
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For University Students

Students at Telluride Association’s residential houses at Cornell University and the University of Michigan receive full room and board scholarships and shape their intellectual communities.
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2022 UMD TASS Classroom

For College Faculty

Telluride Association’s programs succeed with the participation of the many university faculty members who teach our summer programs or live in our branches.
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  • FAQ on 2022 Summer Seminars
    In response to the recent article written by Dr. Vincent Lloyd, Telluride Association has received a number of questions about the 2022 Telluride Association Summer Seminar discussed in his article. We’ve reviewed our records and endeavored to answer these questions to the extent possible, without…
  • Affirming Our Mission
    This past Friday, we learned of an article by Dr. Vincent Lloyd, a faculty member at one of our 2022 Telluride Association Summer Seminars, expressing his dissatisfaction with his teaching experience. We greatly respect Dr. Lloyd’s academic expertise and his contribution to our summer seminars….

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The success of Telluride’s programs depends on the generosity of our friends and associates!