Board Membership

Board Membership


The Telluride Association seeks community-oriented, engaged, and committed board members who aspire to support the creation of diverse Living Learning communities. Our programs put power over the direction of community activities in the hands of students through democratic decision-making and intellectual inquiry. Our volunteer board is comprised of 60-120 members at any given time, and we work alongside a small group of permanent staff and employees.

You can learn more about our mission and values here.

Telluride Board Purpose and Scope of Responsibilities:

Collectively, the Telluride Association Board is responsible for ensuring the organization’s programmatic success, mission fulfillment, and planning for the long-term sustainability of the organization. We do this through financial stewardship,  strategic planning and decision making for our programs, and supporting board operations and development by taking advantage of opportunities for growth while sharing your learnings and expertise. On the ground this looks like tackling thorny questions about equity in education, curating newsletters to involve hundreds of alumni from across the globe in our mission, and being a thought full, deliberate, and honest decision maker on the board.

Board membership is a volunteer position, but like every Telluride program, we hope it is an exercise in democratic self-governance and an educational opportunity that supports your professional and personal growth.

TA Board members

(1) Serve on at least one board committee each year 

(2) Attend quarterly virtual Board meetings

(3) Attending our annual three day in-person Convention*

(4) Participate in asynchronous discussions regarding organizational affairs

 *Travel and Board for our annual convention is covered for board members per our by-laws.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligible candidates must have prior affiliation with Telluride Association, typically as a program alum, former Telluride Faculty/Staff, or alum of another Nunnian or Nunnian-inspired institution. If you don’t meet these criteria, but still wish to apply, please reach out and describe your individual circumstances to and we can make a determination. Above all, board members should demonstrate a commitment to democratic self-governance, anti-racism, and Telluride’s program offerings.

No prior board experience is required, just a commitment to learn!

The 2024 Board member Application deadline is May 1st

“[Board membership] made me believe I could make the world a better place, and I hope I can use the skills and enthusiasm you cultivated to strive for equity and humanity wherever I go.”   –   Stephanie B H Kelly.

here's what telluride board alumni have to say about their years of service


“Let’s not forget, when we get past the budgets, late night debates and convention regulatory minutiae, that we are ultimately in the business of inspiring young adults.”



“I owe an immense debt of gratitude to the members, staff, and program participants who served me and served alongside me. I still feel I’ve gained more than I’ve given. I’ve gained confidence, empathy, wisdom, travels, friendships, and even a life partner.”

-Hammad Ahmed




“Part of my attraction to Telluride was to its academic members and the implicit promise that they would teach me to be a professor. Certainly I practiced committee service. The labor of building a committee is building relationships and community.”

-Dr. Kelly Goodman

Application process and timeline

→ February: Application form open

→ March – April: Applications Accepted

→ The application deadline for 2024 is May 1st

→ May: Membership committee reviews applications and conduct interviews

→ June:  Membership deliberation and voting

→ July: Election results announced

If there is a large group of candidates the board may elect to deliberate some candidates at the Fall quarterly meeting.

→ September: Membership deliberation and voting

→ October: Election results announced 

We will host optional virtual application process information sessions in the spring for interested parties.

You can register for our 2024 information session below:

March 30th 2024 at 9 AM PT // 12 PM ET  [link embedded]

Please feel free to contact our membership team at for any further questions. We would love to hear from you.