Telluride Association sponsors a variety of awards for students at many stages of their academic careers.

Without the Mike Yarrow Award my project in Honduras would have been difficult if not impossible.” 
~Theron Tingstad

Awards Offerings

Mansfield-Wefald Senior Thesis Prize

The 1994 Telluride Association Convention established the Mansfield-Wefald Prize to honor the memory of Mary Mansfield and Eric Wefald, two Association members who died tragically in 1989. The prize of $1,000 will be awarded by a committee of Association members for the best scholarly thesis written by a Telluride associate who will have completed their final year of undergraduate education in the 2019-20 academic year. The 2019 winner of the prize was Harvard graduate Richard Yarrow SP14 for his thesis entitled “Scientific Nationalism in the Origins of Chemical Warfare: Ideologies of Elite German Scientists in the Early Twentieth Century.” 

Previous winners of the Mansfield-Wefald Prize.

Stay tuned for an application announcement early in the Spring term. The award recipient will be announced by the Awards Committee in June.  The Mansfield-Wefald 2019 Application Form is due May 1, with some flexibility for those with later deadlines. Please let us know your intentions to apply.



The Mike Yarrow Adventurous Education Award

Clarence “Mike” Yarrow (DS’25 CB’28 TA’28) led the establishment and operation of the Pasadena Branch of Telluride Association, which operated from 1947 to 1952. In addition to his Telluride activities, Mike was a committed Quaker who worked for world peace in many capacities, at home and abroad. A number of Pasadena Branch alumni and friends have worked to establish the Mike Yarrow Adventurous Education Award in his memory to enable Telluride branchmembers to pursue summer educational projects that reflect his spirit.

The award, of up to $3,000, is designed to allow the recipient to undertake a non-paying, public service activity during the summer that is outside of an academic institution and clearly reflects Mike Yarrow’s interests in peace and service to humanity. The award recipient may be any Telluride Association affiliate who is enrolled in formal education at some point during the 2019 calendar year and over the age of 18 by the time of travel. They must have a demonstrated commitment to Telluride Association and a clear need for summer earnings. Within one month of their return, the successful applicant must summarize their summer activities in a report, which will stand as a record of the summer’s accomplishments, and will also be distributed to the Yarrow Award sponsoring group.

In 2018, the Yarrow Award for Adventurous Education supported the work of Emma-Morgan Bennett SP15 as a doula and researcher at a non-profit midwifery center in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania and a birthing collective at Austin, Texas. See Past Yarrow Award Recipients below for more information.

Past Yarrow Award Recipients

The deadline for the application for the 2019 Yarrow Award is March 22, 2019 at 4 pm. The award recipient is usually announced by the Awards Committee in late March, in time for students to make their summer plans.