For University Students

For University Students

Residential Branches

Telluride Association owns two houses (the “Branches”) – one in Ithaca, NY and one in Ann Arbor, MI.


Built in 1910, Telluride House in Ithaca (also known as the Cornell Branch, or CBTA) initially provided room and board for electrical engineers who had worked for L.L. Nunn and who were attending Cornell University. In 2000, a second Branch was chartered at the University of Michigan (called MBTA).

Both of these Branches provide an unusually rich and intense academic experience and provide students with opportunities far beyond those of a standard university education.

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Telluride Association sponsors a variety of awards for students at many stages of their academic careers.

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Summer Employment

If you are a college student or recent college graduate, please consider applying to become a factotum at TASS  As the name implies, factotums “do everything” in support of the summer programs – from organizing guest lectures to ensuring the smooth functioning of student social life. Applications to work at TASS are typically due at the beginning of January.  You can find more information and application materials at the following links:

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