For High School Students

For High School Students

The Telluride Association Summer Seminars (TASS) are six-week educational experiences for high school sophomores and juniors. We offer two programs:

  • TASS in Critical Black Studies
  • TASS in Anti-Oppressive Studies

Students may only apply to one program per year. Both programs are open to both sophomores and juniors. TASS will be hosted at Cornell University, the University of Michigan, and the University of Maryland in summer 2022. One TASS-AOS seminar and one TASS-CBS seminar will be offered at each program location.

Participants in TASS will attend a college-level, discussion-based academic seminar, develop critical reading and writing skills, and explore the principles and practice of democratic community living. We cover all program costs for every student, including tuition, books, room and board, field trips, and facilities fees. Students may apply for additional financial aid for travel costs and to replace earnings from summer jobs. 


TASS-CBS is one of the few summer programs in the country to offer seminars in Critical Black Studies. These college-level, discussion-based courses explore topics within history, politics, literature, art, and other intellectual and cultural contributions from people of African descent. 

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TASS-AOS (Anti-Oppressive Studies) offers seminars in Humanities and Social Studies using anti-oppressive and anti-racist frameworks. These courses examine topics in literature, history, art, and other disciplines to investigate how white supremacy and other forms of power shape social structures. 

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Past Programs

Information about our previous programs are available on our history page. Read more about the changes here.