FAQ for Parents/Guardians

FAQ for Parents/Guardians

Parent/Guardian Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here, you can find answers to questions we commonly encounter. This page will be updated periodically during the application cycle.

Where will the interview be conducted?

Telluride Association relies on our network of program alumni to conduct interviews, and we try to find interviewers from as close to your local area as possible. An interviewer will contact your child to determine a suitable location for your interview. If we are unable to arrange for our interviewers to come to your area, your interview may be conducted over the phone or an internet voice connection. If your child is selected for an interview, it will be important for her or him to inform the Telluride Association office of any travel plans you have during the interview period.

How much supervision is there? With whom will my child be living? Will my child be safe at TASS or TASP?

TASSers and TASPers are expected to be independent and capable of behaving responsibly and taking care of themselves without extensive supervision. (A year younger, TASSers receive somewhat more supervision.) Two college students (called “factotums”) will be on hand at all times to make the program run as smoothly as possible. Students live in a house with fellow students and program staff, not in dorms used by other summer programs or college students. Normal safety precautions are observed, including traveling in groups and locking the house at night.

Can my child leave for a weekend?

We expect our scholarship recipients to attend the entire six weeks of our programs.

Can I visit for a weekend?

We encourage students to stay in contact with their families during the summer. However, because of the busy schedule and close inward-looking community at each TASS and TASP, visits must be planned so as not to interfere with other parts of the schedule and must be arranged in consultation with the factotums well in advance.

Is Telluride Association involved in college admission decision-making at host institutions?

Host institutions receive a list of Telluride scholarship recipients and are aware of the competitiveness and prestige of a Telluride scholarship. However, Telluride Association is not directly involved in admissions processes at our host institutions, nor do we participate in any way in recruitment or admissions for non-host institutions.

What are the program costs? How much money will my child need to bring to the program?

TASS and TASP are both free to their participants. There are no fees for applications, books, or tuition. All meals are provided. Students are only responsible for the costs of getting to and from the program site. In cases of demonstrated financial need, they may apply for assistance in paying for travel, and we can offer small subsidies to offset earnings from summer employment. It is the policy of Telluride Association that no student be prevented from attending the program for financial reasons. Most students bring with them a small amount of pocket money (not more than $300) for souvenirs, haircuts, coffee shop visits, or other discretionary expenses. However, it is not necessary to bring any money to the program.

Does my child need to buy a laptop?

Many students bring laptops to the program, but it is not necessary to do so. Each site has computing facilities for research and writing essays, and laptops are not typically allowed in the seminar room. Additionally, internet access may be limited at the houses where students live.

Can I speak (or can my child speak) to a TASS/TASP alum?

We are not able to release contact information for program alumni to the public. For recent alumni perspectives on TASP, please consider asking a question through the Ask a TASPer page.

Can I proof-read my child’s essays?

Your child should feel free to discuss essay ideas with you, but the writing must be entirely your child’s own. Please refrain from editing or rewording your child’s writing. (But please do encourage them to look over their own work!)

What are the eligibility rules for TASS and TASP? Do you make exceptions for exceptional children?

To apply to TASS you must be a current high school sophomore (or equivalent) and to apply to TASP you must be a current high school junior (or equivalent). There are no other requirements, and there are no exceptions. If your child is in a program that does not follow the typical U.S. high school grade system and calendar and you are unsure of her or his eligibility, please contact tasp-queries@tellurideassociation.org or tass-queries@tellurideassociation.org. As a guideline, TASS applicants generally have at least two full years of secondary school remaining before entering University at the time of the application deadline, and TASP applicants generally have at least one full year remaining.

Does my child need to be nominated to apply? Does lack of nomination affect chances of getting into the program?

No, students do not need to be nominated to apply. Nominations help us identify promising candidates, but they play no role in our selection process once program information has been sent to nominees.

How did you get my child’s name?

We get names from two sources: a list of students receiving high scores on the PSAT/NMSQT, and nominations from teachers and school counselors. These sources help us to identify promising candidates, but they do not play a role in our selection process after program information has been sent to students.

Do you know of other programs similar to TASS or TASP?

We are not affiliated with any other summer programs, and cannot make official recommendations. However, we believe that there are many worthwhile ways to spend a summer and encourage students to speak with peers, teachers, and counselors for help identifying summer opportunities.